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The value of Ágora is the people who sustain it. That is why we focus our efforts on attracting talent and contributing to its development in a friendly, constructive and exciting way. Join the team!

A company committed to talent

We form part of an international project focused on people and on the management of their professional development, whatever stage of the life cycle they are in. We have been contributing to the comprehensive training, internationalisation and future projection of each member of our team.

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  • Committed to talent

    We detect talent and help you to grow, supporting professional development and internal promotion.

  • Integration and Welcome Plan

    We facilitate the adaptation of new employees, inviting them from the very first day to get to know the organisation and the values that define it.

  • Development Programmes

    We perform periodic assessments to design personalised vertical and horizontal career plans for each member of the team.

  • CSR Actions

    Ágora is much more than a company and it demonstrates this with numerous social responsibility actions aimed at contributing to our surroundings.

Social Responsibility

Committed to the future

Ágora University

Our training and development programme is committed to young talent and prepares them for the challenges of tomorrow.

Committed to good health

Fruit in the office

Ágora encourages healthy habits among its workers by offering daily assortments of locally grown seasonal fruit.

Our team

These are the people who make our work possible on a daily basis: The present and the future of the company. Is there anyone better authorised to speak on behalf of Ágora?

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Ágora has enabled me to grow and reassert myself as a professional in an unbeatable working environment. I take the Ágora Style with me wherever I go!

Marco Falchi
Supply Chain Consultant, Madrid

A company based on excellence, 100% committed to the professional development of its team. I’m truly proud to be part of this great family.

Alejandra Torres
Supply Chain Consultant. México

Ágora is a company made up of young, international and dynamic people, which appreciates the effort I make and has allowed me to develop both professionally and as a human being.

Alfonso Torrano
Business Development. Barcelona

I’ve been able to develop within the company, increasing my knowledge and developing different skills in each of the positions I have carried out.

Anna Coca
Retail Global Director. Barcelona

At Ágora I have been able to grow and develop in a positive, international and very challenging environment. As we like to say: We make future happen!

Alejandro Hernández
Supply Chain Consultant. Barcelona

Ágora University: our commitment to training tomorrow’s professionals

At Ágora we are always looking ahead. That is why we get behind tomorrow’s professionals even before they complete their studies. With the Ágora University training and development programme, students in their last stage of training can come into contact with a working environment and be trained in the knowledge and skills necessary to become consultants. Training based on the 70:20:10 methodology which the majority of large organisations worldwide opt for, and with various theoretical and practical study timetables that conclude with the development of a real project.

  • Committed to youth employment

    Ágora University offers opportunities to young professionals through work placements and real training.

  • A breeding ground for talent

    We are looking for professionals with a desire to grow and develop their professional careers within the company.

  • Blue Yonder Technology

    We create experts in the broad range of solutions from Blue Yonder, the global leader in supply chain technology.

  • Focus on the future

    Real training to anticipate the challenges in the short to medium term, both at national and international level.